Access From Anywhere


View all of your chip requests, mapped out and sorted by shortest driving distance to your job site. Our web app is ideal for office use and also includes several features for arranging chip deliveries several days in advance.


Find a dump site from the job site. Our mobile app finds your location and shows you the closest dump sites, along with everything you need to make a delivery.

Text Message (beta)

Crew doesn't have smartphones? Use our text message service to find the nearest dump site.

Bring Your List

Free Import

Add your existing list of dump sites at no charge, even if it's out-of-date, disorganized, and has 400 people with no zipcode. Save time, keep your chip list accurate and manageable, and have your dump sites and ours together in one spot.

Keep It Private

Any dump sites that you add to Chipero can be kept private to your company so you can manage client relationships that you've had for years and maintain your competitive advantage.

Link Your Site

Save Time

Link your website's existing wood chip sign-up form to ours and any new wood chip requests your company receives will automatically appear in your Chipero account. You maintain full control and exclusive access to your chip requests: keep all of your chip requests private, share them with other tree services, or somewhere in between. However you want.

We're happy to assist with the technical details of linking the forms.

Save Money

Linking your form to ours makes you eligible for our Supporter pricing plan, which costs 25% less than our Basic pricing plan. Linking forms reduces our costs in providing service to you and shows an extra level of commitment from you. We're happy to offer you a discounted price in appreciation.

No Lock-In

Any dump sites that you add to Chipero (through your website or your existing chip list) are your data. We're just there to help you manage it.

If you decide to stop using our service at any point, we can remove your private dump sites from our system and return them in a format that works for you.

Finding Dump Sites

Wood Chip Request Form

Helping you manage your wood chip deliveries includes helping you attract wood chip requests. Our wood chip request form walks potential wood chip requesters through what to expect: how much they'll receive, chip quality and quantity, logistics and liability. Take a look at the form and see what you think.

Advertising And Data

We actively advertise across several platforms to find wood chip requests in your area. We are also able use data about your past deliveries through our service to provide meaningful coverage maps and delivery time estimates to people looking for wood chips.