Chipero - Privacy Policy

Chipero Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 11, 2013

Personal information

Information is collected from any person requesting wood chips (the "requester") only to the extent necessary to enable delivery of wood chips to the requester's property. Such information includes personally identifying information such as the requester's name, phone number, email address, and delivery address.

Information is collected from tree service companies registering to be Chipero users to the extent necessary to identify their company and to provide wood chip requesters a means of contacting the company. Tree service companies may also provide information in the form of credit card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder names, billing addresses, and card security (CVV) codes. ("financial information")

How we collect information

Information is collected from the requester via explicit transmission of such information to Chipero by the requester herself. If a tree service company becomes a Chipero customer (the "customer"), they may choose to transmit to Chipero any information about their existing list of wood chip requesters and requests ("Legacy data"). Legacy data may include more or less information than Chipero would collect had the requester created a wood chip request through Chipero directly. Chipero limits access to legacy data solely to the tree company that provided it.

How we use your information

Information provided by requesters to Chipero is in turn provided to Chipero's customers in a geographically-relevant manner. Members of the tree service company responsible for wood chip delivery can view information concerning the 10 wood chip requests that are closest to their current location. Use of the requester's personally identifying information by the tree service company for purposes other than facilitating delivery of wood chips is forbidden.

The requester's email address is used only to provide the requester with a means of authenticating their request, updating their request preferences, and receiving confirmation of wood chip delivery.

Tree service company contact information is provided to the requester upon successful delivery of wood chips to the requester. Tree service company financial information is used solely for the purpose of charging for Chipero's software services.

When we share your information

The requester's information is shared with Chipero's customers when an employee of the customer company accesses Chipero's servers for the purposes of making a wood chip delivery. Chipero's customers are able to modify the requester's data only for the purposes of adding notes about the delivery, removing expired wood chip requests, and for signalling a successful delivery in order to decrement the number of wood chip loads desired by the requester.

How we store your information

Where your information lives

Your information is stored in a database on Heroku's app deployment platform, built atop Amazon's AWS cloud computing platform. No other party has access to a requester's information (excluding cases outlined in previous sections necessary to facilitate wood chip delivery) except for Heroku and Amazon for the fulfillment of their maintenance, availability, and legal obligations.

No financial information is stored on or reaches Chipero's servers. Such information is stored pursuant to the terms of the specific payment processor used for the sales transaction: in person credit card sales are processed via Square and online sales are processed via Stripe.

How long we keep your information

A requester's information is stored for 30 days beyond the request end date transmitted in their wood chip request. A requester may also choose to delete their request outright using the confirmation link emailed to the requester after submitting a request to Chipero.



Notices about changes to our privacy policy will be posted on the Chipero front page.

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