Request Free Wood Chips in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is our newest service area. It is busiest in the East Bay area, with more areas coming online soon!

How our service works

When you request wood chips through us, your request will be seen by multiple tree services working in the Bay Area. When a tree service loads our app, it will find their location and show them the closest people that want wood chips.

If you are close to where they are working, they will try to call you to arrange delivery — please make sure you list a phone number you'll have access to during the day, otherwise they are much less likely to deliver to you.

About You
Your Chips
Your wood chip deliveries will vary in both quantity and quality. Even though some tree service companies produce more uniform chips than others, no company does so consistently.
When are you able to accept wood chips? Longer time frames make delivery more likely.

Verify Address

Wood chip delivery is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • I am the property owner or representative agent of the delivery address listed.
  • I will hold the tree service company delivering wood chips harmless for any damage (including, but not limited to, driveway cracks, underground utility damage, and turf damage) resulting from the use of their vehicles and equipment in delivering the wood chips.
  • I understand that the tree service company can deliver no less than a full truckload of wood chips, that the quantity of wood chips per truckload is variable, and there may be more or fewer wood chips than I need for my project. I will not complain about the amount of wood chips delivered unless more than the specified number of truckloads of wood chips are delivered.
  • I understand that efforts will be taken to keep the wood chip load will be free of logs and other trash but that the quality of wood chips is variable.
  • I understand that chips are delivered as convenient for the particular tree service company making the delivery, not on a first-come-first-served basis. I understand that delivery is not guaranteed.
  • I will accept delivery of the chips on any reasonable part of my property if my preferred dump location is unreachable.
  • I understand that poisonous plants (including, but not limited to, poison oak and poison ivy) are occasionally included in the wood chip load and agree to hold the company delivering the chips harmless for any discomfort, illness or malady resulting from the presence of any poisonous plants in the wood chips.
  • I expect a call before the chips are delivered but I authorize delivery of the chips within the specified time period, even if I don't answer the phone.

What you will receive

Our service is for people wanting arborist wood chips. Arborist wood chips differ from commercial wood chips in that:
  • They are less uniform in shape and composition.
  • They are not dyed and have no additives.
Arborist wood chips are great for your yard, garden, and trees. The chips are usually a mixture of wood types and often have some leaves as well. You can generally expect to receive between 10-20 cubic yards of wood chips (for reference, a bed of a pickup truck is about 2 cubic yards), with some areas receiving up to 30 cubic yards.

If you know what you need...

If you have specific needs about wood types or chip quantities, please make your preferences known in your delivery instructions, and the tree service will try their best to honor them. This may result in longer delivery times.