Simplify your wood chip deliveries.

Chip disposal is a cost of doing business, but what is it actually costing you? The farther you drive to empty the chip truck, the less time you spend on jobs, the more time in traffic, and the more money you send out the tailpipe.

Chipero connects you with nearby homeowners, farms, schools and other organizations that want wood chips — wherever you're working.

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Meet your neighbors.

Our software automatically locates you and displays the closest places to deliver your wood chips, saving you gas, time and labor costs.

Find more chip requests.

Job in a new part of town? We've got you covered. Expand your service area, knowing you won't have to drive a half hour to empty the chip truck.

Cover your bases.

Our wood chip request form ensures that chip requesters know what they're getting in to before the chip truck shows up at their door.

Chipero handles all the details of wood chip deliveries for us, always finds us a place nearby to empty the chipper truck, and helps keep my crew working longer.
—Tierson Boutte, Boutte Tree
What a life saver this is... Probably saved me $50 in labor and fuel just today.
—Brian Hartman, Operations Manager, 404-CUT-TREE
Your service allows our team to focus on tree trimming and tree removal jobs in the northern Atlanta communities we serve while making the recycling of wood chips very convenient and eco-friendly. We appreciate your use of technology to serve the tree care professionals in Atlanta.
—Todd Chapman, Chapman's Tree Service

Current service area

  • Detroit, MI

  • Kansas City, KS

  • Cincinnati, OH

  • Denver, CO

  • SF Bay, CA

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Sacramento, CA

  • Portland, OR

  • Seattle, WA

  • Bellingham, WA




Make your chip deliveries faster with our mapping tools and mobile app.

Easily organize your chip list
Find the closest dump site from your phone or computer
Get directions or call the landowner with the press of a button
No more paper lists
Your chip list remains private to your company
Access and download all of your data at any time



/month (or $600/year)

Find more places to deliver your chips. (Not available in all areas)

Everything from the Free plan plus:
Access to our list of wood chip requests in your area.
Only $1.65 a day to save you gas, wear-and-tear and reduce costly downtime for your crew



/month (or $450/year)

Our best value option.

Includes all features from the Basic plan plus:
Costs 25% less than the Basic plan
Available only to tree services that link their website's wood chip sign-up form to Chipero's
New wood chip requests from your site automatically show up in your Chipero account alongside our requests

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